And another new job

Posted by Victor on February 19, 2013

It is again that time in which I announce here on my blog that I am changing job. I think I came to a point in which I wasn’t learning much new things, and I was starting to not see the point in staying at ISIS.

So, I looked around a bit. And, possibly in part because I was working until now for a foreign company and became spoiled, and possibly because of the Spanish crisis, I couldn’t find a decent iOS development job in Barcelona that had a decent salary. So I started to look for foreign companies that would allow me to work from Barcelona.

To tell the truth, for all the talk that you hear about how easy it is in XXI^st Century to work remotely –perhaps I listen too much to the Wide Teams Podcast– I couldn’t find many companies interested in hiring a remote iOS developer. Perhaps I wasn’t searching in the proper way, I don’t know.

Finally, just a few days ago, I learned about a position doing iOS development for Stella & Dot. They are setting up a remote team in Barcelona, just a mere 10 minutes from my current workplace. I applied and before I knew it, I landed the job and I am starting next month. I get the benefits of working for a remote company, but I don’t do it alone, there is an office where all the team works from.

The position is in fact, as an independent contractor, since they have no fiscal presence in Spain yet, so I will become a freelancer and invoice the US company directly. This is all new ground to me, but I’m excited about the prospect.

If you don’t know what is it that Stella & Dot does, check this couple of articles:

My team will be developing the mobile app that will allow stylists to sell and share in social networks with even less friction.

I am very excited about this job and can’t wait to get started! It is true that I will miss the best team that I’ve ever worked with, but I’m sure we’ll keep collaborating either in open source projects, beta-testing each other’s apps or in any other ways.