This is a portfolio of apps I’ve worked on.

Server Density

Server Density icon

Server Density is a Saas for server monitoring. To receive alerts, customers use an Android or iOS app, and they can examine the metrics from there and decide whether to urgently reach for a computer for further diagnosing or not. I modernized the Objective-C based app, adding new features like Sparklines, using Swift for new code and either rewriting old classes in Swift, or updated them to interface with the new Swift code.


Server Density Dashboard

Server Density Dashboard icon

Apple TV Display

I also created an Apple TV app from scratch (this time I could afford to do it completely in Swift), to show the dashboards and use them in shared displays in ops rooms. See a post I wrote on the matter.


Undisclosed app for TomTom

This app is still under development and I’m under an NDA until the app is released.

I participated for 5 months in the development of this app, prototyping and writing some key parts.

Sparxo Check-in

Sparxo icon

Sparxo Check-in is an app for events staff, that allows them to validate visitor’s tickets with a QR code against a back-end (which checks for duplicate tickets, or fake ones). I took charge of the development of this app for a month, which had been started by another developer, polished it and finished it, until it was uploaded to the App Store and approved.

Sparxo Check-in is the lightest way process tickets the day of your event. It is a companion app for Sparxo Ticketing made specifically for entry management. Easily checkin your guests by scanning a QR code or looking them up by name, e-mail, or ticket code.



Dottie icon

Dottie is the app that Stella & Dot stylists use to show the catalog to their customers, track contacts, place orders (you can even swipe a credit card to pay) and do follow up on previous trunk shows. The app is (as of 2015) responsible for ~20% of all online orders placed. Nice if you take into account that it was just a catalog when I joined the Dottie team.

This app is not in the App Store, as it uses Enterprise distribution so I can’t quote the App Store description or link to it there.


Dottie login

Dottie slideshow

Dottie slideshow

Dottie downloading data

Dottie Category Browser

Dottie Side Menu

Dottie Product Browser

Dottie Tutorial Videos

Dottie Contact List

Dottie Trunk Show Summary

Dottie Build Order

Dottie Credit Card Swipe

Dottie Manual Credit Card

ISIS Papyrus

ISIS Papyrus icon

This app whas the official agenda of the OPEN House Conferences that ISIS Papyrus offered to their customers, as well as a show case of their Papyrus Objects technology. An updated version (on which I no longer participated) can be downloaded from the App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/app/isis-papyrus/id522141912?l=ca&mt=8 As an implementation detail, this app wrapped a proprietary (and cross-platform) C++ communications library using Objective-C++ objects that then talked to the rest of the app.

The Papyrus Platform for Business Communication and Process future-proofs your application investments because it offers a complete solution for enterprise mobility that is platform and device-independent. It allows to open parts of your system to your Mobile Users:

  • Create business document interactively document, filling forms, enter texts, signature and add images to be add in the document.
  • Access your task list and actions from your mobile device to make important decisions while on the go.
  • Access and view documents already available.
  • Collaborate around key events in your business and initiate ad-hoc and secure conversations with others from anywhere.
  • Send and receive key notifications and alerts on your mobile device to ensure you are informed of all your critical business events.
  • Take pictures or upload document and images to any task or case for better understanding and faster processing of mobile processes such as claims, assessments, incidents and underwriting.

Do it all securely with encrypted communication and proper user authorization.

You can of course define also application that are accessible by everybody, like for example the Events application which provides you online information about the next opportunities to see in action the ISIS Papyrus Solution.



MobileMotion icon

I made this app while working at Puck Solutions for their client, OrderMotion. According to the App Store description,

MobileMobile is a mobile extension of OrderMotion’s SaaS-based order management system.

NOTE: If you are not a current customer of OrderMotion this application will display no data and therefore have no useful function!

If you are a current OrderMotion customer, MobileMotion provides mobile-based access to a uniquely-designed series of real time OrderMotion reports on activity in your account. These reports include current information on orders ( $ and transactions ), returns, cancels and voids. You can also filter the data by key code/offer, divisions and webstore. The reports are displayed in both tabular form (portrait orientation) as well as in graphical format (landscape orientation).

MobileMotion also incorporates a news feed on account activities similar to the news feed found on the main dashboards of OrderMotion’s order and campaign management product.

To find out more about OrderMotion and it’s services, please visit www.ordermotion.com!