Posted by victor on February 13, 2015

Last week I attended a Swift conference in Paris, dotSwift. There were a few interesting talks, a couple of meh talks, and a few lightning talks as well by members of the audience. I attended because I consider interesting not only to hear the talks, which I could always see on video later, but also to take the temperature of the community.

Sometimes, like on this conference, meeting new people is awkward. On some others, it is more natural and relaxed. Don’t ask me why, I wish I knew what is it that makes the difference.

So, if you only watch a couple of talks, made these Ash Furrow’s and Daniel Steinberg’s. In my opinion, these were the best two talks.

Also, if you speak Spanish, be sure to check Jose Antonio Lobato’s podcast 85% Cocoa episode on dotSwift, where Jose Antonio and me chat a bit about the talks.